Why Personal Training?

Who decides at 33 that they are going to start their career over and become a personal trainer? ME!

Pretty crazy, huh? Believe me, it feels a little strange to be starting over, however, I have found something I am truly passionate about and I can’t help but want to share it with others.

As a mom of three busy children I have learned the hard way that staying healthy doesn’t just happen – it takes knowledge, planning, dedication and time.

Over the past several years I have picked up every book, article and workout DVD that I could get my hands on. I’m drawn to this information – it not only interests me but I love challenging my mind and body.

In all my readings and personal trials of various diets and exercises I know one thing for certain – to see results you must be proactive in establishing a plan that maps out how you will accomplish your goals. Without a plan your workouts and diets will both be haphazard and you will be less likely to achieve the results you are seeking.

But it’s not just good enough to have it written down on paper – you have to be dedicated to following the plan. Lack of commitment to your goals can completely derail the entire process. When it comes to your health the idea of “I’ll start tomorrow,” really only puts you one more day behind on reaching your full potential.

I know what you’re thinking at this point…that’s all good, and it makes sense, but I just don’t have the time for all of that. Now I don’t live in your shoes, however, I can tell you that everyone is capable of finding time for anything that is important enough. It’s time to realize that YOU are important and by taking even just 30 minutes a day to dedicate to your health you will notice a difference in your overall health, energy levels and self-esteem.

As a trainer my desire is to be next to you in this process. I want to share my knowledge with you and encourage you to look within and find the person that you want to be. Together we can take on your goals and establish a plan to get you there.

The one thing I can’t give you more time in a given day, but by helping you to achieve greater health I think you can achieve a greater quality of life so that you enjoy the hours you do have more.

2 thoughts on “Why Personal Training?

  1. Hi Jenn, Found your Personal Trainer website on Robon W.’s Facebook Page…So proud of you that you are taking the challenge to find a career that you enjoy. Also, taking the plunge, as a 33 year old who wants to be fit forever….At my, “Ripe-old-age”, of 66 I, too, have a concern about my health. The tragic marital situation that I recently went through has led me to make many changes in my life. I am involved in a program at my church called First Place 4 Health…The focus is surrendering; mind, body, emotions and soul to Jesus. We meet once a week for a weigh-in, short nutrition/exercise lecture, then, (Amen), a wonderful Bible Study forcusing on overcoming temptation, and finding true satisfaction in pleasing God. Lasting change from the inside out begins when I seek God first. I am eating the right things, keeping track of calorie intake…not a, “Lose-It-Fast”, diet or Pills!!! I go to the YMCA regularly…found out that because I have United Health Supplement Insurance (AARP) ….I am a member of Silver Sneakers and have access to the Y with NO fees! I also ride my Swinn Comfort bike, (and it is), on a regular basis..on bike trails, of course…I recently rode in the NITE Bike Ride in Indy…23 miles, and Bike-The-Drive in Chicago… Yahoo! I now live in Northwest Indiana…a, ” stones-throw”, from Chicago..and love it! God is soooo good…he helps me overcome bitterness and anger and shows me that He heals all..body, mind, heart, emotions. Congratulation girlfriend, You-Go…keep me on your blogsite…I want this body and mind to last a looooong time. LOL Phyllis

    • Good to hear from you Phyllis. Good for you! It’s really never too late to get healthy. Glad to hear that you have such a great support system surrounding you! That is such an important part of healthy living. Keep it up!

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