Is it Possible to Enjoy Exercising?

Why do you avoid exercising? Is it because the thought of lacing up a pair of running shoes brings back awful memories of running laps in gym class? Or is it because you think surely everyone else in the exercise class already knows the routines and you will stick out like a sore thumb?

Whatever the reason is that you are avoiding exercise, I’d like to challenge you to take a different look at what it means to exercise.

Exercise shouldn’t be associated with negative feelings. If it is, you need to find a new method of exercising.

Consider this…
• if your goal is to increase upper body strength but you don’t like traditional weight lifting activities, look for a climbing wall near you
• if taking a class seems intimidating, hook up with a personal trainer to build your confidence
• if you like the outdoors a great way to get exercise is to go on a nature hike or canoe down the river
• if you want to improve your cardiovascular health consider activities like cycling or swimming over running

The bottom line is there are countless ways that you can spend 30 minutes a day getting exercise. Take the time to find an activity that you enjoy and you’ll not only find it easier to stick to your program, you’ll see results.

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