Take the Time to Stretch

Do you take the time to stretch as part of your regular workout? Most people don’t take the time to properly stretch following their workout and as a result may have a higher probability of delayed onset muscle soreness.

The main purpose of stretching is to improve the range of motion through gently stretching the muscles and controlling the movement of your joints. Acute muscle injuries are more likely to occur if the muscle fibers surrounding tissues are inflexible. Therefore stretching may help to reduce the effect of delayed onset muscle soreness.

The most beneficial type of stretching is static stretching. This involves holding a static, or nonmoving position, where the joint is immobilized in a position that puts the desired muscles at their greatest possible length.

The key to static stretching is to hold the positions for 15 to 30 seconds to achieve optimum results. If these low-force, long-duration stretches are consistently used they can have a positive effect on reducing muscle soreness.

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