Tips for Eating Less when Eating Out

When was the last time you ate out? Did you hit a drive thru for lunch yesterday? Or did you meet friends for dinner and cocktails last week?

Eating out has the potential to derail your healthy eating efforts, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are some dining out tips that may help you to adhere to your healthy eating.

Plan ahead! Most restaurants have the nutritional information for their menus posted on their websites. Take a few moments and scan the menu to see which choices are the most healthy.

Sharing a meal and getting an appetizer is a much better way to regulate the amount of food you eat. We all know how big the portion sizes tend to be. By simply sharing a main dish, and possibly an appetizer or dessert you can drastically cut the amount of calories you are consuming, along with significantly making a dent in your final bill. You can save even more by dumping appetizers and desserts.

Order water with lemon instead of a soda, tea or cocktail. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes a nice glass of red wine is the perfect compliment to a pasta dinner, and I still haven’t figured out a good way to not drink soda when I eat pizza. But by ordering water with a lemon, you decrease your caloric intake and reduce the cost of the meal.

Don’t wait until you are famished to go to a restaurant or cook a meal. You will order with your desire to quickly fill that hungry feeling instead of ordering for true taste. When cooking at home you are likely to eat more while cooking and still consume a larger portion. Avoid filling up on nonsense by drinking some water, ordering an appetizer or munching on some carrot sticks. This will help you slow down enough that you probably won’t order a fried burrito, or load up on junk while you are cooking.

Regardless if you are eating out or at home, slow down and enjoy the experience. Take the time to give sincere thanks for the food that is nourishing your body and the hands that made it. Engage with the people sitting at your table by finding out something new about them or how their day was. Slow down and thoroughly chew your food – it will not only improve the digestion process it will also help you to truly savor the flavors of your meal.


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