Me Time

Like many women I know, I struggle with the concept of saying “No” when asked to do something. Time and time again I have been over-committed, over-scheduled and overwhelmed. While my intention is to serve and help, I realize by saying “Yes” to everyone, I am saying “No” to myself.

In a self-indulgent society I am certainly not suggesting that focusing on self is the way to happiness, but in my own life I am realizing that a continuous emptying of myself for others without any “me” time results in a dangerous spiral of poor self-image, weight gain, irritability and general unhappiness. Is that how you would describe the qualities of a friend or someone you would want helping you?

On the other hand, I find when I take time each day to deliberately do something for myself I have a positive self-image, I’m energized and generally uplifted. Quite different attributes than the girl who ignores herself, right? Naturally, I’m far more pleasant to be around after a little me time, just ask my family!

I encourage you to stop sabotaging your good intentions with helping others and dismissing yourself. Believe me, I know how hard it is to say no, especially to those you care about, but by saying no to a task that may be overwhelming, you are actually benefiting your relationship more than you are harming it.

Find some time today for yourself. I promise you – it will be worth it.

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