This weekend marks the opening of college football for many universities. And for many along with college football comes tailgating. I know around Notre Dame, most people spend the majority of their week prior to a home game deciding who they will be tailgating with, what they will be serving, and just how early they are going to get there to get a prime location.

I think there is an unwritten rule somewhere that says the more calories and fat a food has, the better it will taste eating it while standing in a parking lot with a bunch of friends.

With so many yummy temptations it’s hard to resist not indulging in some of them. So I’d like to offer a few strategies to help you enjoy your tailgating experience without completely going off track in your efforts to make healthy choices.

  • Allow yourself to try the things that you are tempted by, but only take a small amount. When eating the food, savor the taste and you will be more likely to find that a couple bites are just as satisfying as a whole serving – without the guilt!
  • Stick to drinking water whenever possible. We can consume a number of empty calories through beverages. If you choose to have any other type of beverage, drink a serving of water before and after.
  • When asked to bring along a dish bring a healthy dish that you won’t feel guilty about eating.
  • Take the time to look at ALL the food choices before building your plate. You will be able to make better choices about what you really want rather than loading up early and going back for seconds on what you didn’t get the first time around.
  • Stay away from the food table. We often find ourselves having conversations around the food and can be very tempted to mindlessly snack.
  • Eat something small before you go so that you aren’t overly hungry when you arrive.

Happy tailgating and GO IRISH!!

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