Healthy Rewards

Every great accomplishment deserves a reward. I think this is especially true with fitness and weight loss goals.

Let’s be honest, if you’re used to rewarding yourself with pizza and a beer or a hot fudge sundae with extra whip cream you probably need to create a new reward structure.

I like to live in a world where it’s okay to every once in a while have a slice of pizza and a beer or a small ice cream sundae but it shouldn’t be your reward.

Fitness and weight loss rewards need to be fun and support your healthy approach to life. Here are a few ideas on rewards but get creative and find something that matches your motivation so you are fired up to accomplish your goal:

–       New clothes: make a commitment that you aren’t going to by any new clothing until you reach your goal. We all enjoy shopping more when the clothes fit better.

–       New music: grabs some new tunes to push you harder in your workouts or some music that will help you relax after a long day.

–       New kitchen gadgets: with exercise and healthier eating you could certainly use some new things for your kitchen to create tasty drinks and dishes. Treat yourself to a smoothie maker or a vegetable steamer.

–       A spa day: after all your hard work why not reward yourself with the ultimate relaxation at a spa?

–       Money jar: for each day your workout or each pound you lose drop a buck or two in a jar. When you’ve reached your goal grab that cash and go buy something for yourself or treat yourself to an adventure.

Just like your goals, your reward needs to match your motivation. If you don’t care about new clothes or don’t need new music, don’t structure your reward around those things.

Pick something that you really want and work hard to achieve your goal so you can enjoy the reward. I’ve my my sights set on purchasing a bosu trainer…what is your reward going to be?


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