The Miracle Diet

Between pop-up internet ads, SPAM emails, infomercials and celebrity endorsements it’s no wonder that Americans spend $40 billion a year diet programs and products.

While I won’t deny that some people have experienced success with popular diet programs and products, I want to issue some words of caution.

Pre-packaged Meals

Other than my opposition to “packaged” foods, these types of plans don’t teach you how to make diet modifications on your own. Pardon the pun, but they are “spoon feeding you.” Rather than investing in making food selections you are eating meals that have been created for you. Long-term, this doesn’t teach you success in meal preparation.

No Fat, No Carbs, No Protein

There are diet plans out there for eliminating just about every major food group you can think of. Unless you suffer from a food allergy or medical condition in which your doctor has advised to avoid certain foods, do not buy into the hype that this is the best way to lose weight. Your body needs the nutrients from the various food groups to function properly. Not to mention the inevitable binge you are setting yourself up for when your will power runs out for avoiding that “forbidden” food group.

Diet Pills

The only pills you should take in relation to your weight are those specifically prescribed by a medical doctor. DO NOT purchase off the shelf products. Most of the products are not proven and in fact can do greater damage to your body and metabolism than good.

Liquid Diets

While substituting a meal every once in a while for a fruit and yogurt smoothie or protein shake is certainly doable, maintaining a liquid diet long-term isn’t realistic. Again, this type of approach doesn’t teach you how to sustain healthy eating and food preparation for long-term success.

Weight loss doesn’t need a complicated or an expensive program. What you need to know is this:

Consume less calories than you burn OR Burn more calories than you consume.

There are a number of FREE resources available to you that can help you track your food and activities. Check back tomorrow for a few links to some of the most popular resources.


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