Overcoming Setbacks

We are already half-way through February and I suspect that if you set some New Years Resolutions about health and fitness you may have experienced a setback or two.

Setbacks are very common and happen to everyone at some point. What sets those who ultimately succeed apart from those who continue to struggle is what you do with your setback experience.

Do you allow your setbacks to define you or do you look at it as just a bump in the path to better health?

Life happens. Somewhere in your journey you will have unexpected situations that throw your workout routine off and disrupt your plans for healthy eating.

The first thing you need to examine is your schedule. Are you giving yourself enough time to exercise? If not, add an appointment with yourself on your calendar to create time for your workout. With all the demands that others have on you it’s important you take time to take care of yourself.

The next thing you need to do is look in the refrigerator. Do you have plenty of healthy choices that are easy to pull together for meals and snacks? We often find ourselves eating junk because it’s convenient. Take a little bit of time to make the healthy foods easy choices by cleaning your fruits and vegetables before you put them in the refrigerator. Prepare extra lean meats when you have time to cook so you can quickly grab them as a leftover when you’re running low on time.

The most important thing is to identify what is distracting you from your goals and plans. You have an opportunity to take those setbacks and turn them into growth opportunities.

If it’s a problem with…

  • scheduling: change your workout schedule
  • meal prep: cook on the weekends so all you have to do is warm your meals
  • eating out: get online and find the healthiest option before you get there so you’re not as tempted by the bad choices or confused by what to order
  • motivation: find a new activity or something to work towards

The better you are at identifying the reason for your setback, the more equipped you are to avoid that pitfall in the future.

Let’s be honest, victories certainly aren’t as sweet if we haven’t experienced the bitterness of defeat somewhere along the way. Put those setbacks behind you and make a commitment to get back on track TODAY!



3 thoughts on “Overcoming Setbacks

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