Think Twice…

Is your pantry more fully stocked than your refrigerator produce drawer? Do you have more items in boxes than require washing before preparing or eating? If you answered yes to either of those questions it’s time to think twice about your food choices.

Our bodies were designed to eat things from the Earth not items containing ingredients that we can’t pronounce. I’m not a vegan nor do I completely avoid pre-packaged foods, however, in looking at my own food journal the processed items are few and far between.

I think you can easily begin to reduce your own consumption of processed foods by simply thinking twice about your choices. Here’s a couple easy ways to raise your awareness about your daily food choices:

Make a choice…

First, any time you are going to grab a snack or prepare something for dinner that is from a ‘factory,’ stop and ask yourself, “What do I really like about this product and why I am eating it?” We don’t think enough about our food choices. Many times we unconsciously grab at a bag of chips because it’s what we are used to not because it’s actually a food we enjoy. If you don’t really like it or have a good reason for eating it, put it down and make a better choice.

Make a list…

Second, keep two lists of every food you eat during the week. In one column list anything that comes from a factory or is processed and in the other column list anything that comes from the Earth or has a mother. Many people aren’t even aware of the number of processed foods they are eating. Keeping a list will also require you to think about your choices and at the end of the week you will clearly see if your diet is dominated by processed foods.

With warmer weather here to stay produce is more affordable than other times during the year. Take advantage of your local farmer’s market and think twice about eating products that have ingredients you can’t pronounce.


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