Gaining Strength in 2013

2013 has been filled with a number of changes for me. After spending the spring and summer focused on settling the family into our new community I was faced with some soul searching about what our new location would mean to me.

Was it time to polish the resume, shop for some grown-up clothes and head back into the world of corporate training? Or was it time for me to become more of a homemaker by preparing gourmet meals and step up my home decorating skills with pinterest creations? 

While these were certainly options, neither really got me very excited – both made me feel completely trapped. I haven’t been in an official office setting for about 7 years now, and after the freedom of freelancing I think a transition to a traditional environment would seem very restrictive. On the other hand the thought of my days solely being filled by cooking, cleaning and laundry left me with the feeling that there has to be something more.

I knew I missed teaching group fitness and working with training clients but I had slipped so much in my personal health during the transition that the thought of me being an ‘expert’ in health and fitness seemed absurd.

So at the end of August I made a commitment to myself that it was time to get ‘me’ back. It was time to put in some hard hours in the gym and see if I really had it in me anymore to help others achieve their goals.

I discovered two places that were integral into helping me transform my fitness and confidence levels.

Boot Camp

I was invited to try a Boot Camp class at Custom Fit and for the first time in months I was excited about working out. Part of it was because I had accountability to the friends that I attended the classes with. Making excuses can be pretty easy if you are going at it alone but when you are in it with others you can’t help but feel like you need to live up to your commitments.

Aside from accountability, I continue to be drawn to Boot Camp because I know I can expect a challenging and unique workout every single time. In the 4 months I’ve been working out with Julianne I’ve yet to repeat a workout. My muscles have been awakened and my endurance has improved.

Now you may wonder, why on Earth would a trainer need the services of another trainer? Just like anyone, I feel accomplished by completing a challenge set forth by someone else. While there are similarities, our styles are different so the exercises I complete at Boot Camp challenge me in a different way than my own workouts.  


Speaking of challenging workouts, I joined Patriot Boxing in September. The first day was a little intimidating, wrapping my hands, putting on gloves – jab, jab-cross, jab-cross-hook, hook to the body-hook to the head, high knees straight punches…you get the idea. For someone who had only seen a handful of boxing matches in her life I certainly was the classic newbie.

After an hour of calisthenics, combined with boxing combinations and core work I was a depleted sweaty mess – and I loved it. I left the gym that day with my own set of gloves and wraps along with a schedule in my hand so I wouldn’t miss the next class. Since joining I try and make it to at least 4 classes a week. I don’t even mind the ugly bruises I get on my shins from kickboxing anymore – they are kind of a badge of honor for my hard work.

Bottom line…if you walk out of a class at Patriot and you still have something left in you, you didn’t work hard enough. 

So as I reflect back on the fall of 2013 I’m happy to say I’m stronger, I’m more confident and I’m ready to get back to teaching. January 2nd I’ll be teaching my first class in a year and I’m filled with excitement and anticipation of challenging others to meet their goals in the coming year.

I’ve definitely got some goals myself. I’m still not where I was at my peak physical fitness levels but I know without a doubt I’m on track.

Here’s what I hope you take away from my blog today:

  • Setbacks aren’t the end – you always have an opportunity to start anew
  • Find something that challenges you – that really challenges you – you’re capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for
  • Create accountability in some fashion, whether it’s by finding a group to workout with or by creating an incentive program for achieving your goals
  • Never be afraid to try something new


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