Resist the Temptation

Is it just me or have the stores had huge bags of Halloween candy for a month now? I feel like October is the beginning of the food frenzy that takes us through to the end of the year.

October is filled not only with candy but other Halloween ‘goodies’ like carmel apples, carmel corn, heavily frosted cookies, and the list goes on!

Along comes November and Thanksgiving. And just like October, even though the actual holiday is at the end of the month, treats and heavy meals are everywhere we turn. Between the caloric laden pumpkin coffee drinks to the pre-holiday parties it’s a wonder any of us are still hungry by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.

By that time we’ve all gained so much momentum we head straight into December surrounded by baked good, holiday parties and let’s not forget the egg nog.

Before we know it, New Years has arrived and as we rise out of the food coma that has taken us over for the past three months we re-commit to healthy living and smart eating habits.

I’d like to challenge you to resist the temptation of mindlessly following down the path of OVERindulgence.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that we need to allow ourselves the occasional treat. It’s next to impossible to have the willpower to resist every time, however, there are some things we can do to minimize the temptations that surround us.

Look for Healthy Alternatives

I’m not one for creativity or baking so I admire the time and effort that goes into making clever holiday treats. There are plenty of ways to celebrate the holidays with healthy snacks. For instance, check out these 64 Non-Candy Halloween Snack Ideas! They look just as festive as those made with candy but much better for you and those you love.

Evaluate Your Options

When presented with a number of options, I take the time to look over all of my choices. I decide which ones are must-haves and which ones aren’t. For instance, when it comes to Thanksgiving, I choose stuffing over potatoes. Granted, stuffing isn’t a great choice but it’s one of the only times a year that I have it – so it’s a treat for me. And I know that I really don’t need both stuffing and potatoes.

Remember That Liquid Calories Count Too

Between the rich coffee drinks covered in whip cream and the cocktail options at the get-togethers, our consumption of liquid calories tends to increase over the holidays. There are a number of flavored coffees available for both brewing and Keurig machines that are tasty and reduce the sugar and caloric value of your warm beverage. When it comes to get togethers, many people end up gathering in the kitchen area. When you are near the wine or beer it’s very easy to just grab another, whereas if you move away from the options it takes effort to leave a conversation to get a refill. Be mindful of drinking a glass of water for every beverage you consume.

These are just a few ways to be successful in resisting the temptations that surround us during the holidays. Find what works best for you by thinking through your choices and you too can avoid the food coma of the holidays.

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