Enjoy without Excess

Thanksgiving is just about upon us and we all know the feeling of eating way too much.

This year I’d like to challenge you to make a conscious effort to think through your choices and instead of feeling like a stuffed turkey yourself after the meal, feel satisfied with a delicious meal that you enjoyed with family and friends.

Here’s are three easy ways you can keep the calories and portions down while enjoying the delicious feast…

Survey the Spead

Thanksgiving dinner is always a meal that has more options than any of us need. I like to take a glimpse of all of the choices and then decide what I am going to add to my plate before I start scooping. Thanksgiving is a special meal, but also includes many dishes that are served throughout the year. For instance, mashed potatoes and gravy are also served with a number of other meals, like roast beef, so I generally skip right over the potatoes and choose a small serving of homemade stuffing instead. It’s something that we have less often and is a treat for me.

Watch Your Portions

Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean your helpings need to be big to make it special. Be mindful of your portions, and remember that a scoop of this and a scoop of that adds up very quickly…before you know it your plate needs sideboards and you feel like you need bigger pants. This Thanksgiving Serving infographic gives some great guidelines for portions of popular Thanksgiving dishes.

Slow Down

Take the time to enjoy your meal and the friends and family sitting around the table. We rush through so many meals in life because we are short on time. Thanksgiving should be a time where we take the time to appreciate not only the company we are keeping but the flavors and richness of the food. Chew slowly, chew well and think about how your food tastes and why you enjoy it. Thinking through the actual taste of food can help you more quickly ‘quench’ your cravings than shoveling it in and needing a second helping.

So this Thanksgiving, choose the dishes that are most special to you, be mindful of your portion sizes and enjoy the food. But most of all, enjoy the people you are celebrating the holiday with, relationships and memories are the biggest blessings of holidays and you never have to worry about controlling the portion of your love you share.

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