Finding a Workout Partner Through FaceBook

As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor working out is an essential part of my life. But I realize that isn’t true for everyone.
Which is why I have asked some of my friends to share their stories about how working out has impacted their lives.

This story is near and dear to my heart. Jason is a great friend of mine and to see the positive changes that have resulted from him exercising is undoubtedly inspirational and proof that finding a workout partner or group can be the motivation you need.

Here’s Jason’s story…

Let me start at the beginning…my Mom died. That’s what woke me up. December 21, 2013 she left this place for another. She was 70. My mom struggled with her weight my entire life. She had high blood pressure and suffered her first stroke when she was 45. The day she passed I was 44, and 281 pounds. I knew I didn’t want the same path my mom walked so I had to change.

I challenged myself to lose weight. Shortly after, my dear friend Jenn, challenged me to join her team in a mud run. Challenge accepted, now to get busy. I stopped eating all of the things that I enjoyed. I worked out like a crazy person and stopped drinking altogether. In five months I lost a little over 20 pounds and I finished the run. I didn’t feel a lot different and I wasn’t losing weight at what I thought was an acceptable rate. I was flabby and unhappy, period.

I found my group on a Facebook post. A friend of a friend mentioned something about a new workout group he was in at a local gym and blah,blah,blah. Next day, I’m passing the gym and decide to check it out. Game changer.

The owner invited me to a free session and I loved it. Ever been in the gym and you think maybe you want to do a little chest workout, or just some cardio….man why am I even here? Me too. That doesn’t happen when you have group work.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, will push you to new levels like thinking you need to stop and looking to your right and seeing someone just like you busting their butt to make it happen. Same exercise, same time. Groups equal motivation and accountability.

If I am going to miss a session I have to write my name on the board and the date I am scheduled to miss. Otherwise, everyone in my group is calling or texting me as soon as the session ends….to make sure I’m o.k., and talk a lot of smack. This works.

When I started in January I set my goal weight at 240. I thought I would be happy there. Today, I’m a very handsome 227. Thank you very much.

I know my weight because we take measurements every two weeks. I don’t check the scale anymore, I don’t care what it says. I feel great. My last physical my Doctor chest bumped me! That’s what matters.

My group is like family. We help each other, we cheer for each other. We make others welcome. Everyone is awkward at first, but we have all been there. I know, without any doubt, I would never have gotten here without them.

Jason’s story is proof that having a partner or a group helps you to keep going when it gets hard.

Do you have a workout story of your own? I’d love to hear it! OR are you in need of finding your workout ‘home’? I’d love to help you do that. Drop me an email and let’s talk about your story or how we can begin your changed life story.


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