A New Kind of Healthy Happy Hour

I haven’t always worked as a trainer and group fitness instructor. I too have spent my time sitting at a desk, attending long meetings, and multitasking on projects. Many days I left work feeling stressed and knew I needed a release from that feeling before taking on the tasks of being a wife and mom. Working out became a great option for me to reset from my day.

With the new year upon us I am excited to announce that CustomFit is now offering 5:30pm classes Monday – Thursday. Unlike our BootCamp classes our Happy Hour classes will be more of a traditional group fitness class and be instructor-led.

To offer a well-balanced exercise routine each day will have a different focus:

Monday: 20/20/20 – a combination of cardio, strength and core work will help you start your week with balance and harmony.

Tuesday: Tone It Up – strength training is an important aspect of every exercise program. This class will focus on toning muscles and building strength.

Wednesday: Move It! – there is nothing like a good sweat to work out the stress of the day. A combination of kickboxing, low and high-impact aerobics, and intervals will get your heart pumping and help you to shed both stress and unwanted fat.

Thursday: Recover – we all want to head into the weekend feeling relaxed. This class will use both Pilates and Yoga moves to help you increase strength and flexibility all while helping you wind down from a hectic week.

If the 5:30pm time slot doesn’t work for you, we also offer 7pm BootCamp classes, as well as a PiYo class Mondays – Thursdays. BootCamp is designed to give you a full body workout by moving through circuits and interval training. PiYo (Wednesdays at 7:00pm) is a high-intensity Pilates Yoga Fusion class that is sure to make you sweat!

For more information on any of the CustomFit classes drop me an email or call/text 574-387-1344. Let us help you get ‘ripped’ in 2015.

Happy Hour Class Schedule

Choose a Healthy Happy Hour in 2015

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