5 Ways to Overcome Body Image Issues

What do you do when you walk past a mirror? Do you pause, take a glance at your outfit or make-up or do you try and avoid the mirror all together? When you look in the mirror do you recognize your assets or only focus on your flaws?

Self image can be a confidence booster but on the flip side, it can be damaging to our overall well being. It’s time to put the negativity behind and enjoy the journey we are all on to become better people.

Here’s 5 ways that you can begin having a better body image TODAY.

5 ways to overcome body image

It’s time to take control of your body image.

1. Identify Your Personality Traits

To improve your body image the first step is to know that it’s so much more than what you see in the mirror. Instead of staring in the mirror start looking into your heart and soul. Do you enjoy helping people? Are you compassionate for those in need? When an unexpected deadline comes up at work are you willing to put in the extra time to complete the project? Start thinking about the personality traits that others love about you and that make you feel good about yourself. Your primary focus when it comes to body image should always be grounded in the things you can’t physically see but rather experiences that you can describe and how you reacted to them.

2. Look in the Mirror

Instead of focusing on what you don’t like about yourself when you look in the mirror, start setting your sights on the things you do. Take some time to look in the mirror. I mean really look in the mirror. For some this might be hard, but trust me…it’s worth it. As you look in the mirror find at least one thing that you like. Even those with the worst body image should be able to find at least one thing they like – maybe it’s your eyes or eyelashes, maybe you have great fingernails, or maybe it’s your hair. Whatever it is, take a long look at the feature that you like or maybe even love about yourself. Think about why you feel that way and then move your focus to another area. You may not be as fond of the second area of focus, but you will have the foundation of how you feel about that first feature so you are more likely to see the positive, rather than the negative. Instead of avoiding the mirror we need to start taking time looking in the mirror for our assets. The more positive we are about the things we like, the less powerful the negative voices become about the things we don’t.

3. Stop Making Comparisons

Just like snowflakes none of us are exactly the same. Sure, there are identical twins but even for them, there are differences. We were uniquely created and that’s something to be thankful for! How boring would the world be if we all looked the same? What’s the point in being human if we aren’t going to have differences…we might as well be constructed robots if we’re all going to look the same. You weren’t designed to look exactly like ___________________ (name the celebrity or person you compare yourself to). Your body frame, your features, your mannerisms, your personality and emotions all make up who you are and those are the things that make you valuable. Don’t de-value yourself because you think someone is prettier, more fit, smarter, a better mom/wife, the list could go on. Be you and concentrate and becoming a better YOU not a better replication of what you think you should be.

4. Acknowledge What You Can’t Change

Stop criticizing yourself for things that you can’t change. Do you have curly hair and don’t like it? Your only option is a flat iron. Do you have brown eyes and wish they were blue? Maybe try colored contacts. Do you have big feet? Buy cute shoes. My point is, there are things that we just simply can’t change about ourselves so it’s time to accept those things and embrace them as part of our uniqueness. These should be some of those qualities that you look at in the mirror and begin to love because they are an essential part of YOU!

5. Make a Plan to Change the Things You CAN

If your body image issues are rooted in something you can change then make a plan and get started. If you want to be more healthy, take stock of your diet and slowly start to make modifications. Don’t try and change everything overnight, change takes time. Find a workout partner, a gym that offers classes you are interested in or a personal trainer to help you get on track with exercise. Again, it’s not going to happen overnight but all it takes is a commitment to getting started and sticking with a plan that will help you reach your goals. Stop beating yourself up for what you don’t like about how you look and get busy doing something about it. I guarantee there are plenty of people around you that will help build you up in your journey to a better you.

So today I challenge you to:

  • Start by looking inside – identify those qualities that truly matter
  • Look in the mirror and celebrate all of the beautiful things about YOU
  • Stop making comparisons – be the best YOU, you can be
  • Let go of the things you have no control over changing
  • Take control of the things you CAN change

Not sure how to get started to make a plan to make changes? Let’s chat. No pressure, no obligation, my desire is for you to begin to change the way you see yourself. Email me or give me a call at 574-387-1344 and let’s figure out together how you can achieve the body image you deserve.

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