What Does It Mean to Hire a Virtual Trainer?

Two of the greatest factors preventing many people from engaging in a fitness program are time and money.

Time becomes a factor because classes or training sessions are only offered during specific times. Between family and home obligations and work, sometimes it seems impossible to do it all.

Money is especially a factor when it comes to personal training – despite the benefits, it just doesn’t fit the budget for a number of people.

Which got me thinking…how can I make time and money less of an obstacle for those wishing to pursue a healthier lifestyle? The answer: virtual personal training.

Work with a trainer from your own home

Work with a trainer from your own home

By working ‘virtually’ with a trainer (ME!) you can do workouts on your own schedule, at a more affordable rate than personal training sessions.

Here’s how it works:

1. We set up a time to talk about your:

  • Health goals
  • Current fitness level
  • Availability to complete workouts (duration per day and the number of days per week) *NOTE: pricing will vary depending on the number and the duration of workouts
  • Access to equipment (either at home or at a gym

2. I create a unique plan for you based on our discussion that includes:

  • Written workouts detailing the number of repetitions and suggested equipment
  • Video examples of each exercise delivered through my YouTube channel on a playlist specifically created for you

3. You complete the workouts and we chat throughout the month via email, phone or FaceBook. You will also have the option to join a private FaceBook group specifically for my personal training clients.

I’d love to talk with you more about how this program can work for you. Contact me today to set up your initial assessment.

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