3 Reasons Comfort Food Isn’t the Answer

Something that has always been important to me about being a trainer is that I’m honest with my clients and about myself. In order to help people make life changes they have to trust me, which means I need to be transparent.

So I have a confession to make…I totally thought I could eat my feelings away last night. It was a difficult day for me dealing with sadness and anger and every emotion in between.

I asked Don to join me for dinner after work, I wanted to take a deep breath and put those feelings behind me.

We went to one of our ‘go to’ places where I normally order fish tacos. I know the nutritional information about them and for being restaurant food they aren’t that bad. But instead, I looked for probably the most fattening thing that I could find on the menu. When I told Don that is what I planned to order he advised me against it, but I didn’t listen.

Not only did I order something insanely unhealthy, I ate it ALL. The dish was so rich that the minute I was done eating I felt sick. Sick from the realization of what I had eaten and sick from the dish itself.

Ugh, I ate the whole thing and really wish I hadn't.

Ugh, I ate the whole thing and really wish I hadn’t.

As I sat staring at the empty dish, it became abundantly clear to me that comfort food wasn’t the answer. In fact, that dish was probably about the least comforting choice I could have made and here’s why:

One: Feelings can’t be fixed by food. Emotions need to be processed not binged away. The plate may have been empty but the emotions were still there and needed to be dealt with.

Two: A bad food choice added guilt to the pile of emotions I wanted to leave behind. I felt guilty for making a poor choice when I know better, guilty for eating all of it, guilty for thinking it would change anything.

Three: Unhealthy food choices don’t help to make you stronger, they make you weaker. We all need quality nutrients to maintain a healthy body and junk food definitely doesn’t provide that.

I hope that sharing this will help you the next time you are tempted with ‘comfort’ food. It’s truly anything but comforting.

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