A Pair of Jeans that Fit Just Right

A couple weeks ago I wrote about breaking up with my scale and ways you can measure success without being attached to a number on the scale:

  • Tracking calories
  • Using tape measurements and
  • Keying in to how your clothes feel

I’ll be honest, I haven’t done much with tracking my tape measurements…but I have been regularly using MyFitnessPal and being honest with myself about how I feel in the things I wear.

This morning we were getting ready for church and I glanced over at a pile of clothes that I had set aside to give away. I’ve ignored that pile for a couple weeks now. One, because I’m disappointed that I’ve spent money on things I didn’t really like, Two, that I’ve somehow outgrown some of the things that I love and Three, that I’ve been too lazy over the last few weeks to scoop it all up and donate it.


Then, for whatever reason, I grabbed a pair of jeans out of the pile. I remembered how much I loved those jeans – so much, in fact, there were two identical pair in the pile. But it had been months since I had even attempted to wear them. The last time I tried them on I felt restricted, I felt fat, I felt uncomfortable.

These jeans were just a reminder of the smaller me. They were a reminder of who I wasn’t now. They were a reminder that I had failed myself.

So why I even bothered to pick them up this morning I really don’t know. But they fit. And they felt good. And I felt good about myself. Have I had a perfectly clean diet? No. But have I been conscious about making good choices. Have I made every personal workout I’ve intended for myself. No. But I’ve made the best of the one’s that I was able to get in.

Again, it goes back to taking small steps to appreciate the big reward of achieving your goals. I had given up on getting back into those jeans, it no longer seemed possible. But once I set my mind to being accountable for my calories in and out on a daily basis things changed.

I still don’t know what I weigh – and to be honest – I don’t care. My jeans fit again and that’s all that matters.

One thought on “A Pair of Jeans that Fit Just Right

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