How do you make yourself a priority? The answer might surprise you.

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to attend a 3-day fitness conference. I took a number of classes to check out new equipment and teaching techniques. I walked away with some great new ideas and some really sore muscles!

But more importantly, I walked away knowing that my classes and training sessions aren’t just about working out.


Without a doubt, there are tremendous health benefits from exercise – improved cardiovascular health, increased lean muscle tissue, and decreased fat. Some of those results are very tangible, you can see the difference in how your clothes feel, you can endure longer periods of exercise without rest, you can even see how much stronger you are.

But it’s the things that are a little less tangible that I think are just as important.

Taking time to exercise means that you see yourself as a priority. We all have limited time in a day to get things done and when you include exercise as part of that, it’s proof that you value yourself.

Exercising also is an example that you believe in yourself. Many things we do in class mimic the functional movements of life, but with an added dimension of challenge. Repeatedly choosing to engage in exercise shows you have the courage to take on the challenge and the drive to dig deep to succeed.

So the next time I am asked what I do for a living, I won’t simply say ‘I’m a trainer, or a group fitness instructor.’ Instead, when asked what I do, I I’ll respond by saying I empower people to make themselves a priority and I inspire them to accomplish great things.’


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