If a 92-year-old Can Follow His Passion, What’s Stopping You?

I don’t know about you but I like FaceBook because it helps me to keep up with friends and family from afar. I get to follow people who I don’t know but inspire me and watch some really funny videos that I probably would never come across on my own.

Lately, my feed has been filled with endless opinions on politics. Don’t get me wrong…I think everyone has their right to share their opinion and make a case for the things they believe in but I’m getting worn down by negativity.

I appreciate the passion, I just wish it was directed in a more positive way. Let’s stop talking about how much we dislike what this person is doing and what they stand for and let’s talk more about the person we support and the great things they do. Right?

So last night I was taken with a post on FaceBook about one of my dear friend’s husbands. Jeremy walked 7 miles with Ernie Andrus, a WWII veteran who is walking coast to coast to raise money to take a LST ship to Normandy for the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

92 Year Old Inspiring Others

Here is a man, 92-years-old. And he’s passionate and living life without excuses! He’s determined to raise awareness to his cause and isn’t letting anything stand in his way.

How many of us use the excuse that we can’t because of _______________ (you fill in the blank).

How many of us spend more time focusing on the negative rather than the positive?

How many of us need a change of heart and mind?

It’s time to change your heart and your mind. Goodbye excuses, goodbye negativity. HELLO to I CAN DO attitude.

Do what you can, where you are at. Don’t compare your abilities to anyone else.Every day brings progress, every day you are stronger and capable of more.

If a 92-year-old can walk coast to coast, surely you can dig within you to find something to be passionate about and go get it.

If you would like to donate or meet up to walk/run with him, here’s his website coast2coastruns.com.


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