How to go from a Size 8 to a Size 2 the Right Way

How many of those absurd tag lines have you heard for the fad diets out there? The master cleanse, raw diet, the five bite diet, the cabbage soup diet, the list could go on and on.

But I’m not addressing the whole diet industry today. I’ll save that for another day but before moving on I want to make it clear – weight loss and maintenance requires an eating lifestyle, not a ‘diet.’

What I want to address today is the discrepancy in sizing of clothing, especially for women.

Picture this…you enter the fitting room with clothing only to find that you can’t get the jeans over your hips or the top you chose looks like you could fit two of you in it.

You double check the sizes and everything seems like it should fit. So you ask an associate to help you adjust the sizing, but still nothing fits right.

All the while you are critically staring at yourself in the mirror and creating a list of everything that’s wrong with your body.

So rather than returning home with some fun new items, you are discouraged more than ever.

It’s happened to me countless of times. In fact, I did go from a size 8 to a size 2 in one day…but it was all by shopping in my own closet.

How can two of my favorite pair of jeans be two different sizes?

How can two of my favorite pair of jeans be two different sizes?

I could rant on about the fashion industry and what they do to us by having such inconsistent sizing but that’s not going to do anyone any good.

With the season change upon us, many will be going shopping for some new things. So here are my tips for the next time you go shopping:

Recognize that size isn’t what matters, rather how it makes you feel.

I’ve talked about getting rid of my scale because I became entirely too attached to the number instead of how I felt about myself. The number went up and I beat myself up, the number went down and I was on top of the world. But the problem was prior to stepping on the scale I felt confident and happy with what I had done that week. So why did the number matter?

The same thing applies to clothes. Who cares what the size is? Does it look good on you? Does it make you feel confident? Does it make you want to make plans with friends so you can show it off? Those are the things that matter, not the size.

Accept that some styles will better suit your body than others.

The fact is we are all of different shapes and sizes and not every style will look good on you. It’s okay to take a risk and try it, but if it doesn’t compliment your figure you shouldn’t criticize yourself. Acknowledge that the style isn’t right for you because the same styles that ARE good for you, aren’t for others.

Shop with a friend.

We are always more critical of ourselves than we should be. Take a good friend shopping with you. First, it’s a lot more fun to shop with a friend than alone. But more importantly, your friend can offer you the honestly you need about what you are trying on. If you’re being too critical, they will be able to point that out, and conversely, if you need a reality check for what you’ve selected they will tell you that too!

Shop for the ‘YES’!

How many times have you walked in a store and just went straight for the clearance rack? I do it ALL the time. Over time what I’ve found is I have things in my closet that are ‘okay,’ but I don’t necessarily love them. So I’ve changed the way that I shop. Yes, I spend a little more, but now my closet isn’t cluttered with a bunch of so-so things.

So next time you go shopping, have fun with it. And if you need a shopping pal, let me know!

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