How do you define your fitness progress?

My daughter ran in her first track meet yesterday.

She was entered into the mile and ran against boys and girls, some who were a school year older than her.

Unfortunately, I missed the race but my husband was there and told me how upset she was at the end of the race with her performance.

She’s extremely competitive and was down on herself for not finishing better.

When I got home I hugged her, complimented her efforts and told her to be proud of her performance. She ran a 6:56 – something I have never accomplished myself.

Then this morning I came across a post from 2 years ago. I wrote:

I couldn’t wait to show her this moment. In just two years she has improved her time by 1:14! This is after a whole winter of basically not running at all and her first race of the season.

For those of you who don’t run, one minute and fourteen seconds might not seem like much, but any improvement on a previous time is a huge win for any runner.

I wanted to share this story because all too often we are disappointed with where we are but we don’t see how far we’ve come.

It’s not always about the number on the scale. But more importantly, the healthy choices we make and the growth we experience in the gym.

Find a way to make your progress measurable. Again, this doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to a scale or physical measurements.

Maybe you are someone who has gone from never working out to going to the gym two days a week, or maybe you have progressed from 5lb bicep curls to 15lbs!

Maybe you never used to eat breakfast but now can’t imagine starting your day without a healthy meal, or maybe your liquid intake used to be primarily diet soda and now you drink half your body weight in water every day.

My point is, not matter how small the measure of progress seems, it’s an improvement. Be encouraged by every step you take towards a healthier you.


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