To keep yourself motivated, your gym should feel like a family.

Earlier this year I decided to put all my eggs in one basket. I know everyone says to not a good idea but in this case it just made sense.

I was teaching and training at 3 different gyms, plus running a small studio space out of my basement for personal training. If someone needed a sub I was the first to respond. While I was doing what I loved, I was starting to dread going to certain gyms and teaching certain classes.

So I did some soul searching and realized, there was one place (aside from my home studio) that I really felt like I belonged…CustomFit.

My relationship with CustomFit started when I first moved to Lombard. A group of my friends and I would drop off our kiddos for school and head to classes at CustomFit with Julianne. Having taught and trained for a few years prior to the move I was so impressed with the classes and Julianne’s ability to increase challenge and/or modify when necessary. I looked forward to every class because I knew I would be pushed but I also looked forward to them because it was an hour that I got to spend with my friends.

Once the Schindlings were settled and I felt like we had our ground in Lombard I decided to get back into teaching and training. I was so eager and excited about getting back to what I loved that I leaped at any chance to pick up a class or sub. I was teaching morning, noon and night with training clients in between. I was exhausted. I was losing my drive and my passion. How does that happen when you’re doing what you love?!

And then I realized it was about the culture. Whether it’s at work or in a social setting you know that ‘person’ who brings the negative energy. Or that ‘person’ you just can’t connect with no matter how hard you try. Or that ‘person’ that makes you feel bad about yourself.

I took a deep breath and looked at my options and realized the place that always brought me positive energy, the pace that I always felt connected, and the place that made me feel the most accepted and confident was CustomFit.

It might sound cliche, but we aren’t a typical gym…and I can’t think of a better way to explain that than by using the words of our own members.

I love how the trainers are willing to help modify the exercises to best suit each person’s abilities. Kate W.

Julianne and I both take the time to get to know our members. We know if you have shoulder issues, or if you need low impact options for cardio. Fitness is not a one-size fits all solution and as a member of CustomFit we recognize and accommodate individual needs.

My experience is that the trainers are really really knowledgeable and the members are all really supportive. Everyone pushes me to work harder without feeling bad about myself. It’s a really positive place. – Gabby L.

Nothing makes me more happy during a class than seeing our members encourage each other – and it happens often! While everyone has their own goals, they take the time to empower others to reach theirs.

Custom Fit is accepting and accommodates to those who are just starting out! Bre M.

Whether you are just dipping your toe in the water to test out being active or have been working out for years, we are there for you. EVERYTHING can be modified to be more challenging or more basic. There is truly something for everyone.

Judgement free and compassionate coaching. Mary S.

We have an unspoken ‘no judgement’ rule. It’s unspoken because it’s never been an issue. We accept each other. We encourage each other. We engage in the journey of fitness with each other. And most of all we celebrate our wins with each other.

Fun environment that is a true family with members and trainers. The trainers help you set goals and care about you achieving them!! Caisey S.

Working out is hard – you’re gonna sweat and you’re gonna do things that challenge you physically and mentally, so why not have some fun while doing it? We are serious about obtaining our goals but we have some serious laughs along the way. Oh, and social events every month! From cookouts to pub crawls to ball games to cooking parties – we connect outside of the gym as well.
Tough workouts with great people. It’s a family. Don S.

I’ll admit – this one was written by my husband. So yes, it’s TRULY family! But I wanted to include it because for a guy who hates cardio, he comes at least one time a week to my kickboxing class and every week he is pushed to new limits. So if you’re wondering, yes, guys come to our classes too!

Positive, encouraging environment. Colleen F.

The member that wrote this worked out with us through her pregnancy (as have a few others). Everyone is at a different stage in their journey – whether you are trying fitness for the first time, or growing your family, or needed to shed some pounds, or wanting to build muscle, or looking to work off the stress from the day, or just needing an hour to yourself – you will be surrounded by other people who have walked or are walking in your shoes and are excited to be on the journey with you.

Accepting of all ages, schedule is accommodating to city commuters….before I moved. Julia C.

We have both morning and evening classes to accommodate your busy schedules! Some of our members can only do early morning, some hit our classes just off the train, while others come after drop off. Whatever your schedule, I’m positive we have a class that will meet your needs. Make the time to join us.

There are countless of other reasons that I want you to come give CustomFit a try but I’ll leave you with this last one…for the month of September we are offering UNLIMITED classes for 50% off and we’ll throw in all of those other benefits for FREE.


How To Deal with Rejection

A few months ago I was teaching and training at 3 different gyms. I was constantly on the go and eager at the chance to pick up another class.

I put everything I had into each of those gyms. I connected with the members and structured each class to best meet their needs. When an opportunity to sub or pick up a new class presented itself, I responded immediately, hoping that I was first on the list.

One of those opportunities was to run a small group training class at a big box gym. I couldn’t wait to interview for the position. I felt like the job was ‘made’ for me. I had proven myself to the members at the gym. My classes were challenging, I was able to keep them motivated through the toughest part of the workouts, and I heard time and time again ‘Great class!’

I walked into that interview with great confidence. I was going to ‘own’ this interview and help them grow this new program. Everything was going great until he said, ‘I just don’t think this is going to work because you teach and train at other locations.’

“WHAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS? You are denying me because I work other places?”

I just couldn’t wrap my head around this rejection. It would be one thing if I wasn’t qualified but I was being rejected because I worked other places.

Sometimes rejection is exactly what you need.

Sometimes rejection is exactly what you need.

Side note: You might think that membership rates or personal training fees are high, but believe me, those of us in the fitness industry do what we do because we have a passion for helping people discover a healthier lifestyle – not because of the money.

I was angry, I was hurt, I was disappointed and then I was just done. I gave my notice. If they weren’t going to give me the opportunity to help more people achieve a healthier lifestyle it was time to walk away.

But I walked away bitter. I walked away angry, hurt and disappointed and sad that I wasn’t going to see my front row diva again, or my tall blond who complained but still worked her tail off, or my dear friend who scheduled her workouts just to come to my classes.

Fast forward to now. That rejection was probably the best thing for me. I now realize that I was relying too heavily on established class schedules and not doing enough to personally make connections with those who currently don’t exercise.

My passion for fitness isn’t about making a profit – it’s about being an inspiration to women just like me. I love working out, but I have days that I just want to sleep in. I love the way my body feels when I eat ‘clean’, but I have days that I want a slice of double pepperoni pizza! I have days that I look in the mirror and feel like a rock star, and other days all I see is dark circles under my eyes and a sluggish form.

So I’ve put myself out there. I started recording daily workouts that people can do from home. I don’t love every shot – at times my face looks sour, my midsection looks bloated, my triceps look a little flabby…but it’s me. It’s the real me. The rejected me.

I realize the rejected me is the one that is okay with all of that.

Yes, I have a sour face – working out is hard and I don’t have to smile all the time, I’m putting in effort!

Yes, my midsection isn’t perfect – I’ve had three children. They are far more important than having a defined ‘six pack.’

Yes, my triceps droop – I continue to work on them, but just like my abs, it’s not about perfection in looks – it’s about strength.

So the next time you feel rejected, be empowered and dig deeper into the real you.

The Real Reason There’s No Time For A Workout

Ever have a moment when you realize you’ve gotten so busy with work that you no longer have time for you?

I did. And it’s been a tough soul searching week.

I’ve heard from countless of people that they would love to exercise or eat better but they just don’t have time. I never quite ‘got’ that excuse.

After having three children I made up my mind that it was time to get healthy again and I did anything it took to make sure I exercised. Sometimes it was during naptime, sometimes it was sitting on a stationary bike in my living room while my husband and I watched tv, sometimes it was getting up at 5am before anyone was awake. It was important to me so I made the time.

And until about a year ago, I still made the time.

If you have time for an excuse you have time for a workout.

If you have time for an excuse you have time for a workout.

Then I made the decision to get back into fitness full time. Relatively new to Lombard, I felt like the only way to succeed was to network in any way possible.  So in my attempt to establish myself I jumped at the chance to teach any class, in any format, at any location. If I had an hour free, I was prepared to fill it. Before I knew it my schedule was packed and I felt accomplished in my growth.

And for a while that worked for me…until I realized that by always seeking to add new classes and saying yes to any sub request that fit my schedule I was cheating myself.

What might seem absurd to some of you that take my classes is that I also need a workout of my own. While I may ‘do’ the class with you, it’s not my workout and if I treated class that way I wouldn’t be a very good instructor to you.

I found myself in a place where I the person making the excuse of not having enough time.

Ugh…I had become that person…that person who didn’t have time. But I had time to catch up on my DVR, I had time to sift mindlessly through magazines, I had time to endlessly scroll through FaceBook. I had time to waste but I didn’t have time for ME.

Then last weekend my eyes opened. I was teaching at three different gyms. One is my home, it’s my family, my happy place – CustomFit. Another is a place that I fought to get a 6am class and over time it has grown and I can’t imagine ever letting those women down – Glass Courts. And the last was a big box gym, where it was clear that both employees and members are nothing more than a number.

I had two places that I have a heartfelt connection to, and one that was just filling space and time. I realized I was letting the most insignificant part of my life take over my life and become my excuse that I didn’t have time for me.

So now I get it, I understand why people say they don’t have time. I’ve always said, “Of course you do, you just have to prioritize better.” Then I realized, I wasn’t good at doing that myself anymore.

Now when people tell me they don’t have time, I’ll be more understanding. But I’m also going to challenge them to examine what is weighing them down and holding them back.

No matter what your life situation is, what you do, or who is demanding of your time, there will ALWAYS be an excuse. I finally realize that, and now I’m better equipped to help you overcome that excuse because I had to overcome my own.


Kicked in the Shins and Thankful for It

It’s hard to believe it’s September and still this beautiful in Chicago! So before I share my thoughts for the day I want to acknowledge how grateful I am for the sunshine and warm temps.

While I appreciate the colors of fall, I love the non-stop activities of summer and want to take advantage of warm weather opportunities. But instead of running the Prairie Path, hitting the gym for a good hard personal workout, or hopping on my bike I find myself sitting with my feet propped up.

Not ideal activities for days like these.

And I’ll be honest, slowing down is something that bums me out. But slowing down also gives me that chance to evaluate what it means to be moving through life at full throttle. So here’s why I’m thankful for being kicked in the shins…

The pain was necessary for growth

The pain was necessary for growth

I recognize that I need to slow down.

After an action packed summer with no ‘true’ schedule, other than work, the Schindler’s need time to settle into the coming school year. It’s not possible to keep up with everything if I don’t slow down once in a while.

Even with a calendar on my phone, a written calendar on the fridge and reminders for just about everything, I am confusing dates, almost missing important birthday calls, and finding myself swimming in communication from the schools.

I am fortunate that my schedule allows me flexibility, and rather than constantly moving through those flexible hours, it’s time to slow down.

I recognize that my body needs the rest.

One thing I missed the most about the summer was my personal workouts. So once school started I jumped in with both feet. And in doing so, my activity levels skyrocketed and why I am sitting with my feet up…

I jumped in doing entirely too much too fast and as a result I’m stuck with shin splints.

It seems to be a lesson that I need to learn over and over, but once again, when I don’t have the sense to take the rest and healing time I need, my body forces me to.

I recognize how many people truly care.

From my husband helping to apply pressure to my sore muscles, to my mom who has been dealing with foot pain for months now and still asks me everyday how I am doing, to a friend offering help as a clinical massage therapist, to thoughtful friends near and far… I am thankful to all of you.

I’m also thankful to my clients and group fitness participants who also express their concern. It’s good to know they also see me as a person not just the one who puts them through their workouts.

I recognize that being bummed doesn’t mean it’s time to ‘eat’ my way back to health.

Some of you may have read my blog a few weeks ago, “3 Reasons Comfort Food Isn’t the Answer,” when I shared my horrible decision to over-indulge because I didn’t want to face my emotions.

I’m thankful to say that even though this week had me bummed out, I didn’t waiver from my healthy food choices. I know that drowning my feelings in sugar and fat will only leave me feeling worse physically and make me angry with myself about not putting this in proper perspective.

Healing comes from healthy eating. You can’t feed your body junk and expect to be strong and healthy.

And REALLY? It’s shin splints. Do they hurt, yea, will you get over them, YEA. Take the time and heal; get over yourself – be blessed knowing it’s such a small problem.

I recognized I ignore my online presence.

I enjoy teaching and training probably just as much as I enjoy writing my blog posts. When I get wrapped up in the physical aspect, I sometimes lose track of how important it is that I stay in touch online as well.

There are a number of people who read and comment and my lack of presence is potentially a lack in their motivation to make healthier decisions about their own life.


I’m slowly learning that life is about perspective. Instead of being bummed, I’m taking away an important lesson learned: the pain was necessary for my growth and totally worth it.

FREE Classes in September at CustomFit


Don't miss out on your chance to attend FREE classes for a month!

Don’t miss out on your chance to attend FREE classes for a month!

Soon after moving to Lombard, CustomFit became my workout place of choice. A group of my friends would drop our kiddos off at school and head to class. I loved that the classes were always fun and challenging and that I got to take them with my friends.

Fast forward to now and it won’t be long before I’ll be celebrating my first year as an instructor at CustomFit. When presented with the opportunity to join the staff I knew I couldn’t hesitate.

CustomFit isn’t your typical big box gym – we are a studio that knows our members by name and cares about their individual needs and building relationships with them. Using positive reinforcement we encourage everyone to push to do their very best and offer modifications when necessary.

Beyond what the staff brings to CustomFit, our members treat the studio like it’s their home. They take the time to greet each other and ask how they are – and not in a superficial way – genuinely asking how each other is doing. When the going gets tough during class, they support one another.

Since starting there last fall our classes have grown and I’m so excited to announce that in September we are launching another new class on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays at 9:00am.

This class will be FREE for the entire month of September to all new members. All you need to do is sign up in advance as the class is limited to 25 people.

Ready to get started? Just email Julianne at! Can’t wait to see you in class!



Top Five Reasons You Should Try A Boot Camp Class

If you are new to fitness or have been away for a while Boot Camp might seem like the last place you want to start. After all, the title alone can seem intimidating for even the seasoned gym goers.

So let me give you the 5 top reasons you should consider giving Boot Camp a try at CustomFit.

Boot Camp classes designed for ALL levels of fitness.

Boot Camp classes designed for ALL levels of fitness.

One: Our Boot Camp classes are designed to meet all fitness levels.

Whether just starting out or in peak physical condition, our Boot Camp classes will provide you with a challenging workout. From low impact cardio options to modified moves to accommodate for previous injuries, you can be confident that the workout will meet you right where you are and help you take your fitness to the next level.

Two: We take the time to get to know your needs.

Unlike big box gyms, we offer a more personalized approach to the group fitness setting. CustomFit is a studio where you can be confident we will know your name and how to best challenge you physically.

Three: We don’t yell or use ‘belittling’ tactics to motivate you.

We are about positivity and self-growth – neither or which comes from being yelled at or made feel bad. You can expect encouragement through the challenges of the workout and praises for a job well done.

Four: We’re a team…and I don’t just mean the instructors.

As the instructors, Julianne and I do all we can to help you grow, but it doesn’t stop there. Our members work together to encourage one another. I’ve seen some really great friendships grow all while getting healthy.

Five: We have a good time.

Believe it or not there are a lot of laughs and a lot of smiles during our Boot Camp classes. Fun upbeat music coupled with unique challenging exercise sets makes the hour fly by in no time.

Our Boot Camp classes meet several times a week near downtown Lombard so there’s not excuse to say you don’t have time. Classes combine strength, cardio and core work and you’ll never get bored because the workouts are always different.

Check out our schedule here and sign up to try your first class for FREE!

Where has Jenn Been and Where Can you Find Me?

If you read my blog or follow my page you have probably noticed quite an absence in me sharing over the past couple months.

So, where have I been??

Like many of you it’s been a busy summer. Beyond my commitments for classes and training sessions I have tried very hard this summer to spend quality time with family and friends. Between going to the beach, attending concerts, traveling to the great state of TX, hitting golf courses and driving ranges, watching outdoor movies, indulging in countless cookouts…I’m sure you get the idea.

Where can you find me?

As I watch summer wind down and prepare my children for going back to school, I am preparing myself to get back to more of a routine as well.

Part of that routine involves sharing more information on health and fitness on this blog and I want to hear from you! What are your biggest health/fitness challenges and questions? Share them with me! If you are wondering about it, then someone else probably is too. I write this blog to be informative and supportive so I am always open to suggestions and questions from my readers.

For those of you on FaceBook my page is a good way to ask questions and check out additional health and fitness articles.

Local to the Lombard Area?

If you live in the Lombard, IL area there are a number of ways you can work with me either in a group setting or privately. Following is my weekly class schedule:



6:00am BootCamp Glass Courts

5:30pm PiYo CustomFit

7:00pm BootCamp CustomFit


10:35am Pilates Glass Courts

12:00pm BootCamp XSport (Downer’s Grove)

5:30pm Body Sculpt CustomFit


6:00am BootCamp Glass Courts

9:15am PiYo XSport (Downer’s Grove)

5:30pm Cardio Plus CustomFit

7:00pm PiYo CustomFit


5:30pm Kickboxing CustomFit


9:30am Cardio Glass Courts

In addition to group fitness, personal training is a great option to jump start your health journey. I offer both private and semi-private lessons to meet your unique needs. Contact me personally to discuss availability and pricing.

Virtual Training

I am happy to announce that starting this fall I am offering virtual personal training. This program will include a set of workouts with video tutorials on completing the moves. If you are interested, contact me and we can discuss what types of workouts would work best for your individual needs.


I look forward to getting back in touch with all of you in the coming months. Again, if you have any topics that you would like to me to address, take a moment and drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you!

5:30 pm Fitness Classes in Lombard

Looking for a way to destress from the day? Skip happy hour and join me at CustomFit for our 5:30pm classes.

Each class is formatted to offer you a full-body workout making you stronger, leaner, healthier and happier!

Happy Hour schedule

Make your happy hour healthy at CustomFit

Monday PiYo

Muscle-sculpting and core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of Yoga. But don’t for a second think you won’t sweat in this class because it’s all done at an intensity that helps you burn fat with low-impact moves. You’ll burn calories, tone muscles, work on balance and core strength all while getting a great stretch.

Tuesday Body Sculpt

Did you know that resistance training is an excellent way to change your body? Lifting weights increases lean muscle mass while building bone density. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more toned your body will look and the more efficient your metabolism will become. This class combines lower and upper body exercises so you will evenly tone and increase lean muscle mass.

Wednesday Cardio Plus

There’s more to cardio than just running on a treadmill. Our Cardio Plus class is a fun way to improve heart health while burning some serious calories. During class, you will complete a series of interval cardio moves, ranging from low to high impact and low to high intensity so you’ll have fun while sweating it out.

Thursday Kickboxing & Core

Looking for a high intensity cardio workout without high impact? The kickboxing portion of this class will give you a full body, cardio charged workout through punch and kick combos, while the core part of the class will bring your heart rate down and tone your abs.

If 5:30pm doesn’t work for you check out our BootCamp classes offered both during the day and in the evening.

If you are new to CustomFit you are welcome to take your first class for FREE. Classes fill up quickly so email me or give me a call at 574-387-1344 to reserve your spot.

Four Factors You Need To Have For A New You This New Year

The New Year is upon us and along with that brings many resolutions for a healthier life. For some that means changes in diet, for others that means quitting smoking or drinking less, for others it’s a gym membership – or any combination of all of these things.

To successfully make these changes there are a few things that are important to understand:


Ready for a new you in 2015?

Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight

It’s easy to be discouraged by not seeing immediate results or having a setback. But those things don’t have to define your journey. Take each day for what it is, celebrate the victories and see the defeats as learning opportunities.

The fact that you are recognizing it is a ‘setback’ means you have the heart for change. If you have a bad day and you could care less, you might not be willing to put in the work to make long-term changes.

Find What Works for You

We’ve all seen the infomercials and the ads for diets and workout programs that promise spectacular results. Now I will reserve my opinion about the before and after photos because the point I want to make here is that living a healthy lifestyle isn’t a one size fits all. Granted, there are components that are similar – a healthy diet, physical exercise and spiritual wellness, however, each of us has to discover how to make sustainable changes that are meaningful to us.

For instance, one year I decided that eating a healthy diet meant cutting out animal protein, of which I also imposed on my husband. Daily he became weaker and weaker and we ultimately determined, being a vegetarian wasn’t a positive change for him. Now for others, by substituting animal proteins with other forms, dropping meat isn’t a big deal and greatly helps in their quest for a healthy diet.

The same goes for physical and spiritual health – we need to find the right fit for us and not worry about how effective solutions are for others.

Set a Schedule and Stop Making Excuses

Success is largely dependent on your ability to plan. For instance, if you know that waiting to exercise until after work will result on your child tugging at your pant leg asking you not to go because they want to read a book, make a commitment to get up early or go at lunch. For any parent it is hard to walk away from a child who needs you so remove the challenge.

Plan your shopping trips. Don’t wait until there is nothing healthy to eat to hit the store, believe me your temptation foods will never look so good against fresh produce. Decide what your menu is and prep ahead of time as much as possible. I often chop up fresh veggies and clean fruit immediately after returning from the store so it is just as quick to grab a healthy snack as it is to grab a handful of chips.

Establish a Support System

You will need encouragement, especially on the bad days. Take the time to talk with your family and friends about your goals and how important they are to you. Those that love you want nothing but the best for you so they will do anything they can to help build you up to succeed. This also ensures that you have someone to talk to when you feel discouraged. If they already understand the importance of your goals, they will easily understand the hurt and frustration you are feeling when you feel like you aren’t making progress.

If weight loss and exercise are part of your new goals for 2015, drop me a line or text me at 574-387-1344. Let’s talk about writing up some short and long term goals that will help you obtain the healthy lifestyle you are striving for. Between personal training, group fitness and nutritional guidance, I’m confident that we can create a plan in 2015 to help you achieve the new you.

The Benefits of a Workout Partner and How to Find One

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes people stick with their workout programs. Let’s face it, if working out is something new, it’s going to take more than willpower to keep you motivated.

Sore muscles, sweat, difficult exercises, comparing yourself to others in the gym or class, grabbing your gym bag and heading out in the cold, snow and ice OR in the summer grabbing your gym bag instead of your pool gear…as a trainer and group fitness instructor I’ve heard all of the excuses.

I know personally and professionally how much willpower it takes to work through the excuses and stick with a program.

Willpower: the ability to control yourself : strong determination that allows you to do something difficult.

But when you couple willpower with accountability you have a much greater chance at success. Which is why I encourage everyone to find a workout partner.

The Benefits of a Workout Partner

Willpower is Doubled

What better way to increase your own willpower than by teaming up with a friend or spouse? There might be days where your motivation or willpower is down. Being able to rely on someone close to you to fill up where you are lacking is a great way to push through the excuses and stay on track.

Become the Encourager

Now let’s flip that, think about how good it feels to build someone up when they are down? Not necessarily because of the personal gratification, but because it’s someone you care about and want the best for. Being able to provide encouragement is a great way to help them achieve their goals and strengthen your relationship.

Quality Time Together

We’re all busier than we want to be. Lack of time can be one of the biggest excuses for skipping a workout. So why not get the benefit of two things at once…time with a best friend or spouse plus a healthy activity? You get in a workout, spend time with a loved one, and again, have the opportunity to strengthen your relationship. Seems like a win no matter how you look at it.

Healthy Competition

We all have a competitive spirit, so one of the best ways to push your limits is to exercise with a partner. This isn’t to say during the workout either person is trying to ‘out-do’ each other, rather by each working as hard as they can, they encourage each other.

Don’t Let Me Down

It’s one thing to skip the gym when it’s just you, but it’s a whole other thing to skip out on a commitment with someone else. No one wants to let down someone they care about so a workout partner will keep you accountable for showing up regardless of the excuses you can think of.

Have Some Fun

Is exercise hard? Sure. But nothing makes something hard better than laughter. Who better to sweat with than someone you can laugh with?

Finding a Workout Partner

Ask your spouse, a friend, a neighbor, a classmate…anyone can be your a workout partner.

I’ve personally had my husband as a workout partner and while our strength and abilities are very different, we both benefited from the training sessions. Aside from all of the benefits listed above, we were both physically challenged and grew in our abilities.

I’ve also had friends and neighbors as workout partners and my relationships with each of them grew. There were times that we all lacked the motivation for class, but because we didn’t want to miss out on time with one another, we’d take turns picking each other up along the way. Whether it was driving or walking to the gym, we couldn’t ignore the knock on the door asking if we were ready to go.

If you can’t think of a workout partner, contact me. I’d love to help connect you with someone. While you won’t have a foundation going into the partnership, you will certainly have the opportunity to grow one as you workout together.

Don’t believe me that you can develop relationships through working out? Check back this week…I’ve asked some people to write about their experience and how their workout partners have changed their lives.

If you are in the Lombard, Glen Ellyn, Elmhurst area, contact me about connecting you with a workout partner. I’d love to help you start achieving your fitness goals.