My Clients

Here’s what some of my client’s have to say about working with me…

“Jenn is a great instructor! She is enthusiastic, motivating and encouraging. Her class is never boring and always gives me a great workout! I really enjoy her morning boot camp because her workouts help me reach my fitness goal of becoming stronger.” – Marcy C.

“Jenn is a great instructor who motivates and challenges me. Her classes always offer something new so I am never bored and often challenged to work my muscles in new ways. As a former athlete and fitness instructor I appreciate an instructor like Jenn whose classes really challenge me and keep me motivated to return to class each week.” – Kathy N.

“I have always struggled with boredom during workouts due to the classes all being so repetitive and predictable. I can honestly say Jen’s classes have changed all of that for me. One class is never the same as the next. What I can count on is always being challenged, never bored, and leaving class feeling like I just had a GREAT workout.

She is not only motivating in teaching and pushing you to your limits, but also teaches you about fitness and your health during class as well. I can honestly say I look forward to her classes each week. At times there are things I may not be able to do in class due to back issues. Jen has no problem modifying things for me which I truly appreciate. She also shows how much she cares for each and every person that comes into her class and takes a true interest in their goals and needs.” – Colleen R.

“After a five year break from taking a fitness class I entered Jenn’s class.
Her enthusiasm and professionalism is so apparent.
With a smile on her face, she switches up the routines, pushes me just enough and gets me through the hour wanting more…. if you can believe it.” – Tracey N.

“Began with Jenn Schindler in March of 2015 on the heels of quitting smoking looking to replace that negative with a positive! My goal for myself and, most importantly, my son was to be healthy and have a new extension on life as a non-smoker.

Jenn is an overall AMAZING trainer and INCREDIBLE person! She was able to easily recognize my needs and respond with the perfect workouts growing in difficulty as I grew in strength and endurance. She helped create a goal-driven, stepped plan to success with milestone captures along the way.

To date, I continue to see Jenn 2-3 times weekly depending on schedule (Did I say she was equally flexible for my schedule?!!) and truly look forward to each coming session….P.S. Not to mention I feel GREAT and am ever so close to reaching my goal of increased strength, healthier eating and rejuvenated ‘pink’ lungs!” – Deborah Z.

“For me, a class is only as good as the instructor, which is why Jenn’s classes are my favorites. Jenn is a chameleon with an ability to combine techniques from different styles, keeping her workouts from ever getting stale. Jenn’s classes are always challenging, but with her energy and motivation, I always push harder than I ever thought I could.

“Jenn pushes herself to get the most of her workouts both inside and outside of class. It could be intimidating if not for the fact that Jenn is so open in sharing her own struggles and challenges. It makes Jenn the perfect combination of superhuman and relatable.” – Kathy B.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Jenn and highly recommend her to anyone looking to become (and stay!) fit and healthy. I have worked with other personal trainers before, but Jenn’s positive attitude, her knowledge, and her attentiveness have really made a difference. She is a great teacher and guide, and always comes up with new exercises to keep workouts interesting and fun. She is great at striking the balance between challenging me and knowing where my limits are. I’ve also been really impressed with the care she has taken in designing exercises that directly address my health concerns.” – K. Kranz

“I have been training with Jenn for a month now, & I can already feel my body transforming. She is aware of my abilities & encourages me to push harder each time I workout. I look forward to each training session with Jenn. I leave the workouts feeling both exhausted & refreshed!”  – B. Miller, 33 year-old mother of four

“Jenn is always upbeat, thorough with her explanations, and aware of how I’m feeling at every moment. She is very attentive and tailors every exercise to my individual needs. The fact that she takes notes throughout my session shows that she wants each workout to be better than the last. I am confident that I will not “plateau” with Jenn as my trainer. She pushes me harder than I could ever push myself, and I always feel good when I leave.” – L. Powell

“Jenn offered a truly personalized approach to training. She kept me involved in the process and listened to my needs and preferences, but also knew when to push me beyond what I thought I was capable of.” – J. Collett

“Jenn taught me the best exercises for the results that I wanted. She always knew exactly how to challenge me and keep me motivated.” – E. Kemp

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