How do you improve? Step out of your comfort zone. That’s just what I did.

This past weekend I stepped entirely out of my comfort zone.

I felt like throwing up the entire time.

When was the last time you pushed past your comfort zone?

When was the last time you pushed past your comfort zone?

You see for months, my husband and others have been advising me to do online videos of exercises and post them.

I’ve resisted. I didn’t want to be on camera. I didn’t think the amount of time it would take me to film, edit and post would provide me a return on my investment.

But after attending a weekend fitness conference I realized that if I am going to grow my business, I have to be willing to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things.

So last weekend we filmed a series of 25 exercises, with the intention of posting 5 every day along with guidance on how to complete the workout.

Will my efforts pay off? Will people actually benefit from the videos? Will they not only benefit from them but see the value in attending my classes or hiring me as a trainer? It’s entirely too early to answer any of those questions.

But what I can tell you is I’m willing to take a chance, at least for a while, to see how this might help me grow as a person and as a trainer and instructor.

I’m passionate about health and fitness and for me to succeed I’m going to have to be willing to take a risk.

So I ask you, what are you passionate about? What risks are you willing to take to be successful?





What Does It Mean to Hire a Virtual Trainer?

Two of the greatest factors preventing many people from engaging in a fitness program are time and money.

Time becomes a factor because classes or training sessions are only offered during specific times. Between family and home obligations and work, sometimes it seems impossible to do it all.

Money is especially a factor when it comes to personal training – despite the benefits, it just doesn’t fit the budget for a number of people.

Which got me thinking…how can I make time and money less of an obstacle for those wishing to pursue a healthier lifestyle? The answer: virtual personal training.

Work with a trainer from your own home

Work with a trainer from your own home

By working ‘virtually’ with a trainer (ME!) you can do workouts on your own schedule, at a more affordable rate than personal training sessions.

Here’s how it works:

1. We set up a time to talk about your:

  • Health goals
  • Current fitness level
  • Availability to complete workouts (duration per day and the number of days per week) *NOTE: pricing will vary depending on the number and the duration of workouts
  • Access to equipment (either at home or at a gym

2. I create a unique plan for you based on our discussion that includes:

  • Written workouts detailing the number of repetitions and suggested equipment
  • Video examples of each exercise delivered through my YouTube channel on a playlist specifically created for you

3. You complete the workouts and we chat throughout the month via email, phone or FaceBook. You will also have the option to join a private FaceBook group specifically for my personal training clients.

I’d love to talk with you more about how this program can work for you. Contact me today to set up your initial assessment.

Fitness During Pregnancy

As a group fitness instructor and personal trainer I come across a people in various stages of life. Some are young, trying to figure out who they are personally and professionally, some are dealing with injuries and trying to stay fit while healing, some are more mature and have great perspective on life and fitness.

I have been so inspired by Colleen, she is a working mom with two young children and pregnant with her third. Throughout her pregnancy she has stayed committed to fitness and has met every workout with the same commitment as she did pre-pregnancy. I’m thankful today to be able to share her fitness story with you…


It's Possible to Stay FIT While Pregnant

It’s Possible to Stay FIT While Pregnant

by Colleen Kendrick Fairbanks

Jenn so kindly asked me to share my fitness story as a result of watching me exercise through my most recent pregnancy. Since the time of Jenn’s request, I’ve spent considerable time procrastinating and mulling over in my mind what exactly “My Fitness Story” means to me.

Here’s the deal. I don’t think I have a fitness story, because I don’t consider myself “fit.” A few of the many reasons that came to mind as I analyzed my difficulty in completing this task was that I’ve historically held very high standards for myself as well as I’ve lived with lifelong anxiety about proclaiming my strengths for fear of being called out by others on the contrary.  So, while I exercise regularly, I feel like I could be doing more. While I’ve made changes to my eating habits, I know that I could do more. I don’t have the physique of someone that others would determine as “fit” from just a visual assessment.  I know in my heart that I’ve made significant strides towards building a healthier lifestyle but I’m not sure I feel qualified enough to serve as a role model to others on how to live a fit life.

That’s not to say I’m a lost cause when it comes to building up my fitness related self-esteem. I’m a constant work in progress. When I get down on myself believing that I haven’t done enough, I stop and think about where I would be if I hadn’t made any of the changes I’ve implemented to strive towards a living a fitter life. Only now, as a result of being pregnant with my third child and seeing the difference in how my body has responded to carrying this baby and associated weight gain, as opposed to my other two pregnancies, am I now starting to slowly entertain the idea that I was at a pretty fit pre-pregnancy level.  I have no idea what it will take for me to feel fully confident in sharing my fitness achievements or when and if I won’t care about other’s opinions or assessments of me, but I do know that I will continue to exercise and work on providing my body with nourishing food because above all else, it makes me feel good.


Keep up the amazing work, Colleen – and that baby is DEFINITELY born to do burpees!!

New Kind of Date Night in Lombard

I don’t know about you but when the weekend rolls around I am always looking for something fun to do. Eating out, bowling, drinks, etc. – it all kind of seems the same after a while. So that got me thinking…what can I do to start the weekend off in a fun way?


FitFriday Flyer

Start your weekend out right!

Grab a friend or your significant other and join me at CustomFit on March 13th at 7:00pm for a fun partner workout. This is a great chance to burn some calories in preparation for the fun weekend ahead, all while having a good time.

The cost is just $10/person and rumor has it people are already planning to head out for a cocktail afterwards!

Space is limited so you can pre-register by emailing me or calling 574-387-1344.

Personal Training By Jenn Market Research

I recently finished reading the book called, ‘Do the Work,’ by Steven Pressfield and my mind hasn’t stopped reeling ever since.

In some ways, the book put me on blast. If fitness is truly my passion, and helping others discover healthy living is my mission, then it’s time to ‘Do the Work’ to start helping and serving more people.

So in moving forward, and discovering how I can better serve both those in my community and beyond, I want to strategically plan my next moves so that they match the needs of the people I want to help most.

Two hands

Take a few moments to tell me how I can better help you.

In looking at my target audience I have to be true to myself and to those I can best serve which are busy women. After all, am a busy woman! I know what it’s like to run out of the house for work and look back only to see dishes piled high and laundry needing to be put away. I know what it’s like to try and get in a workout between helping with homework and diffusing sibling disagreements. I know what it’s like to realize I haven’t planned a single thing for dinner and it’s already 6pm.

And while I can identify with women on so many levels, we are all unique individuals and we all have different priorities and roadblocks that keep us from our goals.

I’ve worked with a partner to design this survey in the hopes that it will help gather the important information beyond just the fitness. True health involves so much more than just being able to put in time at the gym.

This survey contains some quick questions about you and your health priorities. It will only take a few moments to complete and will greatly help me in determining next steps for helping women become stronger in all aspects of their lives.

Click here to complete the survey.

If this survey sparks something in you and you want to talk personally about your goals and roadblocks, drop me an email or give me a call. I’d love to chat with you about your unique needs and desires and what the first steps might be in helping you achieve them.

New KidFit Class in Lombard

Over the past few months I’ve had the pleasure to lead the KidFit classes at CustomFit in Lombard.

During this time I have witnessed the children grow both in physical strength and abilities but also in their self-confidence and teamwork skills.

The classes focus on teaching the children easy ways to stay active and stress the importance of healthy living.

I feel now is the perfect time to add to the class offerings for KidFit and starting Wednesday, March 4th, KidFit will meet from 4:30 – 5:15pm at CustomFit.

The format of this class will be slightly different in that rather than completing interval training, circuit workouts and team relay activities, the students will be engaged in a series of Pilates and Yoga exercises designed to increase flexibility and core strength.

Classes are open to all children ages 8 – 13 and cost $125 for a 10 class punchcard. Classes meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays 4:30 – 5:15pm.

KidFit classes are filling quickly so please contact me via email or by calling 574-387-1344 to reserve your child’s spot.

KidFit Flyer

Active kids grow to be healthy active adults

Lombard Fitness Fair, Saturday, February 28th

I’m so excited to announce that I will be presenting the CustomFit KidFit program this Saturday, February 28th at the Lombard Fitness Fair at Yorktown Mall!

Over the past few months I have met some great kiddos who are having fun staying active. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30 – 5:15 and do everything from partner exercises, to relay races, to agility challenges to PiYo! Each class is different and the children have the opportunity to share ideas on activities they would like to do in future classes.

In addition to the physical activities, I take the time to talk about healthy choices, educate about the various muscle groups, and promote ideas for staying active outside of class.

Here’s what one KidFit mom had to say about her son’s experience:

Our son, Michael, started KidFit with Jenn in December of 2014. We noticed that with the onset of cold weather he needed some additional exercise and discovered KidFit. From Day 1 he LOVED going to this class. Jenn has the kids play games he loves and also the opportunity to use some of the “grown up” equipment that he thinks is very cool (like the bosu, heavy ropes, etc) while working up a serious sweat. The punch card is a huge plus for our busy family since we also have other commitments throughout the week (that vary from season to season). Since basketball season has begun we’ve noticed that Michael is more coordinated, has more endurance, and is in better shape than he has been in the past. I mentioned it to our pediatrician as well, and he was thrilled that Michael was attending a class like this. Jenn is great to work with as well. She’s patient and firm with the kids while also being open and accessible to the entire family.

It’s been a pleasure for me to watch my students grow over the past few months. They have not only made physical gains, but personal growth as well which is evident in their self-confidence in taking on challenges.

Please join me on Saturday, February 28th at 11:20 at Yorktown Mall to see what KidFit is all about. I’m going to be looking for kiddos ages 8 – 13 to come up on stage and have some fun!

To learn more about KidFit drop me a line or give me a call at 574-387-1344.

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