50 Workout Videos for FREE – my free gift to you was a priceless one to me

Over the past three months I have recorded a number of exercise videos. It was a step my husband had been encouraging for a while and I fought him on it.

I couldn’t see the value in giving away my workouts. The only way I can make a living doing what I love is to get people into my classes or work with them one-on-one in personal training sessions.

FREE workouts don’t pay the bills.

Not to mention how self-conscious I felt about being on camera. It’s one thing to teach a class and see yourself do something awkward in a mirror, it’s a blip in time. But on video…it’s for everyone to see.

FREE workouts open me up to criticism from people everywhere, people who don’t even know me.

But in the end, I trust him and his knowledge about business. And really what did I have to lose? If it didn’t work I could just say, ‘I told you so!’

Have the videos brought me some new business? A little. But that’s not what’s important.


From studios to hotel rooms to parks, you can exercise anywhere!

You see as I started the process the only thing I was worried about was the conversion to clients. I didn’t see the true value in reaching those ‘out of my network.’

But as the days and weeks passed I realized that even though some the people watching and liking my videos may not ever hire me as a trainer or come to one of my classes they were benefiting from my efforts. So why did I care so much about the return on investment in monetary terms?

I got involved in fitness because I wanted to inspire others. I had gone on a journey myself to a healthier lifestyle and felt like I could have a true connection with they everyday woman. Recording and posting videos allows me to do just that.

Maybe you don’t live close enough to attend my classes. Maybe you simply don’t have the money or maybe the time you have available is during the hours that classes aren’t offered.

Whatever keeps you from my classes or from hiring me as a trainer is no longer an excuse to not exercise.

I recognize that not everyone has a BOSU or a barbell with adjustable weights so I generally use minimal to no equipment in my videos. I’ve filmed workouts in parks and indoors as proof you can exercise anywhere.

I vary the moves in the workouts. Some are more complicated, some are easier. I recognize fitness isn’t a one-size-fits-all. With over 50 workouts now available you are sure to find one that meets your needs – one that is easy enough for you to complete but also challenging enough to push you to the next level.

So in the coming weeks, I’ll continue to post videos Monday – Thursday. On Fridays I’ll be posting a blog about something that has inspired me during the week. It’s my hope that the videos, combined with the blog will encourage you to either start or continue on your journey to a healthier you.

If proximity and time aren’t preventing you from taking a class, then I encourage you to join me for one…the first one is always FREE so you don’t have anything to lose…other than some sweat, of course. Contact me at personaltrainingbyjenn at gmail.com for more details.


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